Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring & Summer Mash Up

First of all I would love to thanks all of my costumers that always support my work. Thanks for making this clothing line happen, it may not be a huge designer thing that is so well known, but this is what I always wanted. Thanks everyone for support, it means so much to me.

xx, morodokkeo(designer at MRD)

It doesn't matter how you look, i want to show the whole world that everybody is beautiful in their own way, who cares how society depicts you, i created this set that match perfectly with all types of body, don't be shy to try it on.
(Available at MRD Shop, ttp market.)
Model: Srey Touch (Aya)
This set is so comfortable for those who are a little bit lazy and playful. You can feel the soft material of this gorgeous skirt, the crop top on the other hand is so simple yet classy. Wear it, play it, love it.
(Available at MRD shop Russian Market)
Model: Morodokkeo

Don't you just love this adorable lil girl, she's so cute and free. Looks like she's really enjoying the atmosphere and her tanks. This post is absolutely KAWAII !!!!!!!!
(Available at MRD shop)
Model: Voleak

If you love this butterfly shorts, you're not wrong, because you would love to wear something that keeps you comfy. In our country as you know is extremely hot. The muscle crop top is also the choice for you on a hot sunny days. :)
(Available at MRD Shop ttp market.)
Model: Morodokkeo

SHorts and Shirts
(Available ay MRD Shop, ttp market)
Model: Aya

Crop top and long skirt.
Available at MRD Shop, ttp market
Model: Aya

Fringe shirt and short
(Available at MRD Shop, russian Market)
Model: Morodokkeo

Monday, March 31, 2014


Are you guys excited for SPRING and SUMMER season? Im sure we all love these 2 seasons.
Here is my very first spring clothing line, not really official but i hope you guys love it. 

This Daisy set is perfectly comfortable, you can match it with anything.

Crop: $6
Skirt: $6